Firearms listing for 12/27/14    GUNS SELL AT NOON   
Mossberg 5000ABR 12 ga pump, 28” modified, full vent rib
Wards Western Field model 41 22 rifle, bolt action, swing put pep sight
Rigarmi Brescia 25 cal pistol, hammerless
Excam Targa GT27 25 cal pistol
New England Firearms Handi Rifle SB2, 30-06, single shot, break breech, w/Tasco 3-9 scope
Stoeger Arms Corp (Franchi), Centennial Deluxe 22 rifle
Remington M LE bolt action
Ranger 103-13, 22 rifle, bolt action, missing trigger guard
Mauser Sporter bolt action, Redfield peep sight
Bolto 410, single shot, steel finish, break beech
Iver Johnson 12 ga, single shot, break breech, hammer
Winchester model 1200, 12ga, 2 barrels including deer slug barrel
T Barker 12 ga double barrel, break breech, double trigger & hammers
Lefever Arms Co Nitro Special, 12 ga double barrel, break breech, double trigger set
Webley Mark VI-1918, 40 cal, double action revolver
Nagnat 1936, single action revolver, 7.62 cal
C.A.I. CZ52, 7.62 cal pistol
Springfield 1911-A1, 45 ACP cal, extended barrel
Astra-Uncetay Cub 22 cal pistol, gold color finish
F.I.E. Titan 25 cal pistol, missing firing pin
Sterling Arms Sterling 25, 25 cal pistol, stainless, hammerless
Lorcin L300, 380 cal, pistol, hammerless, extra clip
Hi-Point JHP 45ACP cal pistol, hammerless, w/box
Sundance Ind. Point Blank, 22 cal 2 shot Derringer, hammerless w/box
Iver Johnson 1900 22 cal revolver, dbl action, chrome, needs repair
Mayme Whitney Monitor 22 cal revolver, brass frame, broken trigger spring
Armes Des Pyrenees Wards 22 cal pistol, needs grips
Antonio Zoli & Co, 58 cal, black powder, sling
Thompson Center Arms Renegade, 54 cal, black powder, octagon barrel, needs trigger work
Atom Rocket bb gun, break breech
Arrow ArtNo 76 A-1 BB gun 22 cal, break breech
UMC Pioneer 3 BB gun, break breech, sling

Remington 700 bolt action 222, SN6861497, leather sling, Micro-Trac, (purchased from Cherry’s in 1980), very nice gun
 Richland Arms C. (Spain) double barrel 10 ga, model 711, Blissfield, MI, 32” barrel
W. Parker double barrel 12 ga, London Five Twist, 2 hammers, 32” barrel
Savage double barrel 12 ga, Fox Model B, 32” barrel
Stevens 311A double barrel 12 ga, 28” barrel
Revo NOC double barrel 12 ga, SN 26173, 2 hammers
Endens Royal double barrel 12 ga, 2 triggers, SN 118888, 30” barrel
Remington 22 cal. rifle, hex barrel
Cabalas 44 cal. black powder pistol (Italy), F.LLI PIETTA, SN304316 w/box
Jukar black powder rifle (Spain), SN 00141142
2 black powder rifles w/brass trim
 Daisy model 840 BB gun

Colts Police Positive 38 Special, PT.FF.A. Mfg Co, Hartford, CN, w/USN holster
Stevens Expert Trap 12 ga single shot, SN21331

Desert Eagle 44 mag pistol w/clip, SN52935 S w/hard case, nice
Henry 22 cal rifle, lever action, SN 085446, nice